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What kind of wood is Teak ?
Teak is a very hard wood grown in Southeast Asia. The teak that we use is plantation grown, rather than taken from the existing rainforest. This fine-grained wood contains both soft and hard grain. Teak is termite proof and resistant to rot and warping. This durability makes it ideal for outdoors. Because of these characteristics and its beautiful timeless appearance teak is known as THE KING OF TIMBERS. Because of teak's durability and striking appearance it is extensively used in the marine industry. The natural oils present in teak are found to make it more water-resistant. In a harsh marine environment, however, some maintenance is required to keep the original beauty and color of the teak.

What happens if I leave my teak untreated ?
The natural oil in the teak will often dissipate causing the teak to take on a light gray or silver appearance. A protective product ideal for teak is teak oil. It may be used to arrest the weathering process and enhance the beauty of the teak. However, for those teak owners who like the silver-gray appearance of the teak no oiling Is necessary and very litter maintenance is required. All that is required is an annual scrub with soapy water to remove any accumulated dirt.

What are those dark brown spots on my teak ?
The dark brown spots visible on the teak are old oxidized oil

Should I be concerned about the appearance of small surface cracks ?
This is a characteristic of all timbers and will not affect the strength or durability of your furniture. These small cracks are the natural effects or changes in the seasons and the wood absorbing or releasing atmospheric moisture.

How can I remove this oxidized material and old finish ?
In advantageous is to know what was used on your teak before. However, a light sanding will be needed if your teak has been finished. Many oils can be removed with a good one-part teak cleaner. It would be advisable to give your teak piece a final cleaning with a good teak cleaner before applying any other protective product.

Why is cleaning the teak so important ?
Very often people are so anxious to apply products to their teak to enhance the beauty of their timber that they rush through the cleaning process. This can often shorten the life of you protective coating as well as allow it to penetrate unevenly. Clean teak will allow even penetration and good bonding with any type of protective coating you choose to use.

What factors can affect how long my protective product will last ?
Cleaning: If your teak is properly cleaned, your protective product will last longer and bond better.
The Environment: Elements such as heat, salt water and UV rays can shorten the life span of your teak care product. The worst is being the UV rays.
Location and Position: Teak furniture that is on a swimming pool platform, being subject to heavy ware or fully exposed to the weather will require more application of a protective maintenance coating more often to retain it's honey appearance. Horizontal parts of your furniture are more prone more to UV damage than vertical parts

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Teak Etcetera is a manufacturer's outlet and importer of fine teak garden furniture. We are specialize in outdoor teak furniture: teak tables, chairs, loungers, steamers, adirondacks and parasols. All products are made of high quality kiln dried plantation grown teakwood.



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