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1. Only buy direct from the Manufacturer or The Factory Outlet! is a website that belong to a fine teak patio furniture manufacturer.  We are the Factory Outlet.

If you buy from a company here then the chance is you buy from a middle-man company, since Teak is a Asian wood.  Un-like us, we are an USA company that own the overseas manufacture.

2. Teak is not created equal!  So many different qualities and prices when come to teak garden furniture.  Be careful, when somebody offers cheap wood. It might not be a teakwood or could be an inferior teakwood.  A "grade A" teakwood with a correct production process will create a lifetime fine teak patio furniture for decades and the cost is priceless.
3. Only buy from a company that has a representative office in the USA.  Since teak wood is an Asian wood and not available in the USA, buyer has to be careful when deal with an overseas company specially with them who doesn't has a legal representative office here.  Our office here is not a representative office but a Head Office that has the facility for marketing, customer service, workshop and warehousing.  If you buy from a company here that doesn't has the power and control of the manufacture (which most of them are overseas and not belong to them), then it is difficult for you to ask exactly what you need for.  Unlike us, our head office is here in California and our manufacture is in Indonesia where the sources and  best teak trees grown.  We have 100% full control of our manufacture and legally we are an USA company.
4. Buy from a Reputable Manufacturer!

We Honor Major Credit Card

Teak Etcetera is a manufacturer's outlet and importer of fine teak garden furniture. We are specialize in outdoor teak furniture: teak tables, chairs, loungers, steamers, adirondacks and parasols. All products are made of high quality kiln dried plantation grown teakwood.



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